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How I realized overworking myself was damaging

One young woman learned to reconnect and honor herself.

How I realized overworking myself was damaging
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I have always been one of those people who enjoyed being busy and on the go. Today's culture promotes a sense of "what's the next thing I can be doing?" which makes us feel like we always have to do better. Since the world has taken a forced stop amid the pandemic, I have now realized the damage I've caused by overworking myself.

Now, don't get me wrong. Since graduating from undergrad, I have accomplished a lot things such as working full-time at a top entertainment company, traveling the world, joining a sorority, and going back to grad school, which have all been some of my greatest achievements. And while those are all admirable, I realized I was neglecting one significant thing—myself.

Whether you slowed down by choice or a factor bigger than yourself forces you to, you begin to see all the gaps in your life. You get to see what's missing and see what opportunities you have to create a life for yourself. Those cliche self-love posts start to make a lot more sense, and you realize doing things for you make you feel a hell of a lot better.

Millennials are always described as selfish, self-centered, and rude when that is far from the truth. Every day we are choosing to stand up and honor ourselves, our needs, and our dreams. We have affirmations that remind us to put ourselves first, leave when a job doesn't meet our basic needs, and chase every dream we have. In these quiet moments that we have more frequently thanks to Covid-19, repeat those affirmations to yourself.

I have been able to reconnect with myself, launch the projects that have been collecting dust in my mind, and choose to live a purposeful life. Always remember that there is beauty in getting things done, but there is beauty in being still.


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