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Are you going to be faithful when the going gets rough?

Fear is an uncomfortable feeling that arises when we feel a perceived threat of danger. Are you going to feed into that fear or approach it with confidence?

Are you going to be faithful when the going gets rough?

Photo by Daizy

Photo by Daizy
Hi there! I'm Daisy from Daizyism and I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. Daizyism is all about the elevation of self through embracing duality, self-reflection and love. I work to show everyone how everything is everything, so they can embrace who they truly are & realize they don't have to conform to a societal mold.


That's how many choices we make in a day, consciously. We're constantly making choices, from deciding what to eat for breakfast to picking a pair of shoes to wear. My question to you is, are you choosing to walk in faith or fear?

To have faith is to have complete trust and confidence in someone or something. You can have faith in yourself, in the universe, in God or a higher power, etc. Fear is an uncomfortable feeling that arises due to a perceived threat of danger. Thus, faith and fear cannot coexist.


When you completely trust in someone or something, you aren't uncomfortable. There's no perceived danger; you feel completely safe and protected. It's easy to walk in fear because we get wrapped up in the minuscule day-to-day details, which cause us to worry about perceived danger, real or imaginable. However, when you choose to walk in faith, you're taken out of the small details and brought to view the picture as a whole. There's something much bigger than yourself that's at work.

So again, are you going to choose faith or fear? There's a greater purpose out there that's calling you. The map isn't always laid out in plain sight, and that's where faith comes in. Walking in faith means to remove your fears, trust your source, and walk using your clear intuition and divine guidance. You can't always see where you're going, but trusting in the divine will guide you in the direction you need to go while providing you with the peace you may need. Will you trust in yourself, the universe, God, Yahweh, or whomever else you believe in?

I expect you to choose faith as it is an affirmation. Thank you for opening your heart and mind to my writing, and many thanks for allowing me to encourage you today.

Feel free to reach out and connect with me on my socials:

Twitter: @Daizyism

Instagram: @Daizyism

Youtube: Daizyism

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