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How you can help support women in film

How one woman is using her artistic voice to help amplify female narratives in film

How you can help support women in film
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Assembling women in film can seem difficult, especially when you don't have the adequate support and funding. Amelia Sears is trying to change that. She, along with Doctor Who star, Jodie Whittaker, are looking for supporters who value the importance of female led narratives within the film industry. In particular, their short film THREE seeks to highlight the challenges of first time parents, grappling with their new identity as caregivers.

With Amelia directing, and Jodie as executive producer, the film follows Ellie and Nic, who are taking their first family holiday with their 10-month-old son. Ellie hopes of reconnecting with Nic after the difficult and exhausting early months of parenthood.

Over the course of a day, Ellie endeavors to find some semblance of the woman she once was, and the relationship she previously had. However, as each of her attempts is thwarted, Ellie is led to an act of transgression that can't be ignored.

Having worked as a theatre director for more than 15 years, Amelia Sears found herself increasingly fascinated by the minute details of human behavior and the ways our bodies tell an involuntary story. Amelia's frustration with theatre has often been the impossibility of focusing the audience's eye on interactions and details carrying huge significance. For Amelia, it feels inevitable to have eventually found herself compelled to tell a story on film.

"As a feminist, I have always sought out stories that are female-led and have the ability to make the intimate epic and the details of the domestic important. My hope is that in making this film, I will satisfy the personal need I have to bring the experience of women and mothers to a wider audience," Amelia explained.

Amelia also hopes the film will establish herself as a film director who can work with actors in ways that is brave and compelling.

Central to her ethos in making this film is the ambition to build an all-female diverse crew. Amelia's hope is to establish a way of working that is sustainable and collaborative for the entire team, supporting everyone with parental commitments or caring duties.

"I want the process of making THREE to reflect the change I hope to see within the industry, where collaboration and ensemble is key, and openness and vulnerability within the creative journey are encouraged and rewarded," Amelia mentions.

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