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Can CBD really combat menstrual pain?

CBD is renowned for its health benefits. But can it actually combat cramping associated with periods?

Can CBD really combat menstrual pain?
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Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, seems to be everywhere these days. With products offering everything from clearer skin to better sex, there's no shortage of CBD products currently on the market. New to the scene is a California-based startup named Foria which is developing CBD-infused products targeted at women's health. Designed with the notion to assist women with everything from menstrual pain to achieving better orgasms, Foria offers a wide range of CBD-laced products, including (but not limited to) lube, lotions, sprays, and marijuana suppositories. Also known as the notorious "weed tampon." Formulated to relieve pain associated with menstrual cramps, Foria's Basic Suppositories are crafted with organic cocoa butter and deliver 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD when inserted into the vagina. Wild, right?

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