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Bernie Sanders wants us to experience a romantic life again- and the optimism is admirable

Sen.Sanders is not opposed to us properly getting back into the field to date and potentially find that special person.

Bernie Sanders wants us to experience a romantic life again- and the optimism is admirable

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 25: Senate Budget Committee Chairman Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during a hearing on Capitol Hill examining wages at large profitable corporations February 25, 2021 in Washington, DC. The committee is looking at why many low-wage workers in America qualify for public benefits even though thousands of them are employees of large corporations.

Photo by Susan Walsh-Pool/Getty Images

Sen.Bernie Sanders ( I-Vt.)has not only been the subject of clever memes, he has consistently been an advocate for workers' rights, pandemic relief, the bipartisanship of Covid-19 in the Senate, and other matters in the United States.

Sanders urged that the federal minimum wage increase from $7.25 to $15 an hour within the Covid-19 relief plan but was rejected in the Senate on Friday.

However, on Saturday, the Senate passed the $1.9 trillion relief bill, which will increase the direct stimulus payments by $1,400, extend unemployment benefits, and will ensure that many people get the vaccine, to name a few.

But there is one other thing that he is advocating for that's super sweet— finding romance.

"@SenSanders on the Senate floor saying we must crush COVID-19 so that young people can start dating again (among a long list of other reasons)," tweeted Tara Golshan of The Huffington Post.

Now I know you may be a little confused but, I promise you that you read this statement correctly. Sanders is not opposed to us properly getting back into the field to date and potentially find that special person.

How lovely!

His statement on Thursday encapsulated everything that the pandemic has adversely caused, which is more than financial hardship. The pandemic also affected mental wellbeing.

"You got young people, who want to go to school, who want to socialize, want to date ... they've been unable to do that ... and that has resulted in a very sharp increase in mental illness in this country, something by the way this legislation deals with," said Sanders.

Due to Sanders' advocacy, many Twitter users quickly supported his initiative for some loving outside of what society could be accustomed to in the pandemic.

Moreover, Bernie Sanders shows us that his support for our nation's betterment transcends monetary gains; he wants us to experience joy again, which we all deserve to have, albeit in a safe way.

What are your thoughts about Sen. Bernie Sanders' advocating for dating and romance?

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