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Vanessa Bryant's clapback at Meek Mill for insensitive Kobe lyric was eloquent

"I am not familiar with any of your music, but I believe you can do better than this."

Vanessa Bryant's clapback at Meek Mill for insensitive Kobe lyric was eloquent

In this file photo taken on March 04, 2018 US actor and basketball player Kobe Bryant anf his wife Vanessa Laine Bryant attend the 90th Annual Academy Awards Governors Ball at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood, California. - NBA legend Kobe Bryant died Sunday when a helicopter crashed and burst into flames in foggy conditions in suburban Los Angeles, killing all nine people on board and plunging the sports world into mourning.

Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Meek Mill was at the hands of controversy after an unreleased clip of his song in collaboration with Lil Baby that went viral. The song seemingly made an offensive comment about the late basketball icon Kobe Bryant.

In the clip, the line in question was the following: "Yeah, and if I ever lack I'm goin' out with my choppa It be another Kobe." Naturally, the public didn't hesitate to call him out for the choice of words because of the tragedy that occurred.

Meek came off a bit defiant in his response to the backlash and went on to post an image of a hat with Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna's names written on it to show that he wasn't trying to be disrespectful.

One can even say this was an excellent way to do damage control. Despite this, some people still feel that he didn't give a proper apology, and it is entirely understandable.

Moreover, as new viral moments occur, other ones start to fade away like this one. However, almost a week later, Vanessa Bryant took to her Instagram Story to address the situation.

Vanessa Bryant's Instagram Story @vanessabryantScreenshot by Breanna Robinson

"Dear @meekmill, I find this line to be extremely insensitive and disrespectful. Period," Bryant said. "I am not familiar with any of your music, but I believe you can do better than this. If you are a fan, fine, there's a better way to show your admiration for my husband. This lacks respect and tact."

Well said.

READ: Why Meek Mill's leaked song lyric about Kobe Bryant is causing so much conflict

Why Meek Mill's leaked song lyric about Kobe Bryant is causing so much conflict

The Philadelphia-based rapper has experienced a lot of backlash on Twitter

As of Tuesday, Meek took to his Twitter to talk about the situation. "I apologized to her [Vanessa Bryant] in private earlier today not to the public...," said Meek. "Nothing I say on my page directed to a internet viral moment or the family of a grieving woman! If you care about someone grieving change the subject!"

Overall, when I saw Vanessa's response, I couldn't help but think that she eloquently addressed how she felt about the situation while pointing out the situation's error and why it should have been handled with care and respect.

And for Meek, I feel that he should have been more mindful of how this could be offensive, even though he may not have seen the error initially.

What do you think of the situation surrounding Meek Mill and the controversial lyric? What do you think of Vanessa Bryant's response?

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