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Don't be a poison in the form of human: A poem about the harm we can cause one another through our behavior
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Agboyinu Rhoda Olufunmilayo

We all grew up with the concept that poison means whatever we consume can cause us harm.

Our belief was right.

Poison is whatever is harmful to you, generally.

It could also mean what you could be harmful to those around you, such as pride, selfishness, rudeness, toxic behaviors, low self-esteem, and ill manners.

The list is endless.

Can it cause you, or those around you, physical, mental, emotional harm?

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A poem about expecting perfection from imperfection

We're in a world where people expect perfection from their own imperfections.

Then it is a poison.

And, what does it do?

It harms.

What are you expected to do with anything poisonous?

Yes, your guess is as good as mine.

You do away with it.

Don't be a poison in the form of a human.

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