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How do we deal with Nobel Peace Prize winners and their legacies?

Nobel Peace Prize winners have shown with their own actions not to be committed to the same values they were recognized for.

Myanmar migrants in Thailand hold up pictures of detained Myanmar civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi at a protest against the military coup in their home country, in front of the United Nations ESCAP building in Bangkok on March 7, 2021.

(Photo by Mladen ANTONOV / AFP) (Photo by MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP via Getty Images)
International Relations graduate
Luis Ernesto Morales

Humanity has always used symbols to represent things bigger than ourselves. We tend to use them to find cohesion elements between ourselves and let us work better as a society. One of the best ways to symbolize what values, principles, and actions we consider the most noble, helpful, and pure has been the Nobel Peace Prize.

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