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A horror film made me quit my job - and I couldn't be happier

Horror movies are the best place to find high concepts played out, science fiction comes a close second.

A horror film made me quit my job - and I couldn't be happier

Derek (Steven Yuen) in Mayhem.

Sanja Bucko/RLJ Entertainment
Punk, writer, drawer, Rock n Roll DJ and political provocateur, Frankenstein Jones was made in Portsmouth. Not available for weddings or bat mitzvahs (funerals are fine), I’m pretty keen on all other knees ups, get togethers forums and round tables. If you are looking for a point of view that’s outside the safety of your usual Neoliberal-friendly bubble, confronting - but always tongue in cheek, I’m the Monster you’re looking for. For daily quotes and arguments follow Frankenstein Jones on Facebook. For invitations to write, duel, debate or DJ get me at

We've all been down in the dumps lately, and we all faced our own personal challenges. At the start of the first UK lockdown I was working from home a few weeks before being diagnosed with depression. At the time I could only manage being awake and functioning for a few hours at a stretch.

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