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Beyoncé is giving back to Texas following the winter storm

It's always a delight to see people who have influence use their platforms to give back to those in need.

Beyoncé is giving back to Texas following the winter storm

In this file photo taken on July 9, 2019 US singer/songwriter Beyonce arrives for the world premiere of Disney's "The Lion King" at the Dolby theatre in Hollywood. - Pop royalty Beyonce on July 31 released her much-hyped visual album "Black Is King," an aesthetically ambitious video billed as a companion to her 2019 album of songs inspired by Disney's live-action remake of "The Lion King."

Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Beyoncé is giving back to her home state of Texas following the winter storm.

Millions of Texans didn't have heat and electricity and faced the harsh winter storm, Uri. Despite the power restored in homes, there's another conflict—a water crisis. The water isn't the cleanest to drink and cook with because the cold temperatures busted the water pipes.

As a result, Beyoncé took matters into her own hands. Her foundation BeyGOOD and Adidas are working with Bread of Life Inc., a nonprofit based in Houston, Texas, to help those devastated during the storm via an application. They were giving up to $1,000.

With the overwhelming amount of applications received, they've decided to close the process during this time. Bread of Life Inc. is accepting donations.

On Saturday, BeyGOOD, alongside Houston hip hop artist and founder of Angel By Nature, Trae tha Truth, are partnering up to help the community. They are set to distribute 1,000 meals.

Angel By Nature is an organization that helps those who've faced hard times or impoverishment, especially the youth.

It's always a delight to see people who have influence use their platforms to give back to those in need.

Moreover, for more ways to help those affected by the winter storm in Texas, click here.

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