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How can we solve America's education problem?

Confronting the schooling issues in the USA

How can we solve America's education problem?
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As someone who has spent a number of years as a student and has just received a master's degree last fall, I am very aware of the significance of education and the investment this country makes in it. Furthermore, being a Black woman, I cannot help but be hyper-aware of how this education system has failed me, in more ways than one.

Today, we hear more and more about how the American educational system has been inauthentic, omissive of Black history, and indoctrination (as opposed to education). While I certainly feel betrayed by the system, I hope that educators (like students) everywhere are starting to unlearn and learn new concepts about society and race.

With this post, I welcome thoughts from students (former, present, or future), scholars, and educators on how we can all work together toward an enlightened future.

What are some specific things educators can do in their classrooms to start making changes in our educational system that would make it more inclusive and transparent when it comes to race? Have any educators out there already begun to implement new practices?

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