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A response to "The Queen's Gambit" menstruation scene discussion

The menstruation scene showed an honest reflection of the experience for many girls in the 1960s and even today.

A response to "The Queen's Gambit" menstruation scene discussion

Anna Taylor-Joy in Netflix's "The Queen's Gambit"

Courtesy of Netflix
I'm a socialist and formerly active trade unionist. Former local authority worker turned translator, now retired. I was a zionist in my youth - until I went to Israel, saw colonialism in action and realised what dispossession of the Palestinians really meant.

This a reaction post to Sandra Salathe's piece, We need to talk about that menstruation scene in "The Queen's Gambit"

While I agree with Sandra Salathe that we should talk about the menstruation scene, I don't agree with her opinion when she rhetorically asks "How could a show that empowers a woman to be unapologetically whole get a pivotal moment so wrong?" Reality and historical experiences - even fiction - should not be edited to conform what we believe the world should be like.

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