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8 things I learned after quitting silo working to be in a People Operations role

You ought to love what you do. Otherwise, force yourself to love it.

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Photo by kate.sade on Unsplash
A lazy deontologist turns into an occasional writer whenever she's broke.

About a year ago, I switched my Digital Marketing job at an agency in Malaysia to join a People Operations team in a young, global eCommerce company.

Back at the agency, I helped nurture, grow, and scale our product to the Indonesian market. As the only Indonesian-speaking team member in the Marketing department, I wore different hats to contend and win against the giants back in my home country.

As the single go-to person for the target market, people would come to me to get answers or solve their problems, and never otherwise. Sure, I had some interns to help me out sometimes, but I worked in a silo more often than not, and I could feel pretty alone.

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