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Didn’t watch the presidential debate? Here’s what you missed

The eight key moments from the Trump vs Biden debate

Didn’t watch the presidential debate? Here’s what you missed

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Photo by JIM WATSON, SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

It's hard to believe, but the presidential debates are finally here. Whereas the Democratic showdowns dragged on for an eternity, the last six months hazily zipped by with the 2020 election now just five weeks away.

Presidential debates can make or break a campaign. It's the first time Donald Trump and Joe Biden have faced each other, millions of people tuning in around the world; these clashes are unarguably important...but that doesn't mean everyone has the stomach to watch them. Never has it been more tempting to shut politics out than in 2020, to allow your disenchantment to take over and watch 'Schitt's Creek' instead. You're already anxious enough on your Tuesday night because of that stupid thing you said a decade ago. Why add to it by reminding yourself just how horrific the president of the United States is?

If this sounds like you, but you still want to appear like you know what you're talking about at work today, we've got you covered. Here are some of the biggest moments of the night:

"I guess I'm debating you now"

Trump wasn't just debating his election rival. The president hounded moderator Chris Wallace, speaking (sometimes shouting) over him, bickering, and ignoring time limits.

"Will you shut up,man?"

Of course,it wasn't just Wallace; Trump completely bulldozed Biden. The president continuously cut his Democratic rival off, leading to several snaps back from Biden throughout the night, including this memorable response.

Biden questions Trump over coronavirus plan

The president tried to brag about his administration's decision to restrict travel from China, but the gloating didn't last long. Biden called out America's high Covid-19 death toll - which is now over 200,000 - and accused the president of panicking over the pandemic and having "no plan."

Trump says he doesn't want to pay taxes

After a bombshell New York Times report said Trump paid only $750 in income tax in 2016 and 2017, it was inevitable the president would be asked about it. I'm just going to leave his quote here… "It was the tax laws. I don't want to pay tax. Before I came here, I was a private developer. I was a private business person. Like every other private person, unless they're stupid, they go through the laws."

Biden distances himself from the Green New Deal

When climate came up towards the end of the debate, Biden distanced himself from the Green New Deal, instead promoting his own strategy.

Trump refuses to denounce white supremacy

When asked if he would disown far-right and white supremacist groups, Trump danced around the point, then told the infamous Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by."

"You're the worst president America has ever had, c'mon"

A comment from Joe Biden.

"That was a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck"

Although not actually part of the debate, one of the most viral moments of the night was Jake Tapper's analysis: "That was a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck. That was the worst debate I have ever seen. In fact, it wasn't even a debate. It was a disgrace."

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