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How one make-up artist turned the pandemic into a time of creativity

Alexa Russo didn't let Covid stop her from following her dreams. Instead, she took her passion to Instagram

How one make-up artist turned the pandemic into a time of creativity

Photo by Alexa Russo

Photo by Alexa Russo
Makeup and architecture are my passion.

During the start of this pandemic, I had finally got my first job in the make-up industry and was so excited to finally put my talents to work. After my first day as a working make-up artist, I got a call from my boss that the location was closing down until further notice. I knew it would be a setback for me, but I had no idea it would continue to last this long.

Of course, I understand why it had to be shut down. After all, I touch faces for a living, which is not an ideal scenario for the current state of the world. Although this was heartbreaking, I was able to channel my talents into other forms. If I can't do make-up on others, I can still do it on myself!

Since I now have lots of time staying indoors, I turned toward the art of content creating on Instagram. Regardless, if there were social media or not, art and make-up make me feel happy. Posting to share with the world is just a bonus. I have been known for making very detailed, distinctive, scenic, and naturalistic make-up looks. Most of my work is very vibrant and full of color, as you can see in the photos I've shared.

As a content creator and beauty influencer, I hope to inspire others to use the products I promote, recreate my looks, and create a positive atmosphere for other make-up artists. In addition, being an influencer has also opened doors for me I never thought could happen before.

I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with brands, make connections with more make-up artists and clients, and share my work with a larger audience. I believe there is no limit to what make-up can achieve.

Make-up has been a stress reliever and has taken my mind off the world during this pandemic. So, if you've read this far, and you find yourself bored indoors, I encourage you to try out some new hobbies or focus on your current ones! You never know what will come of it!

Stay safe, stay indoors, and stay happy.

You can follow Alexa on Instagram and on Twitter.

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