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A doughnut as an incentive for the Covid-19 vaccination? Krispy Kreme has upped the sweetness game
Photo by xandreaswork on Unsplash

Krispy Kreme got a whole lot sweeter.

The popular, lovable, and sweet treat doughnut chain is joining the Covid-19 prevention efforts. On Monday, the company announced that customers who visit any U.S. location would receive a free glazed doughnut as long as they show their vaccination card for the duration of the year.

Yes, you read this correctly!

The vaccination card must show that one to two shots of any of the Covid-19 vaccinations were received, and it must be redeemed in-store. Customers can also come in any day they want and at any time to get their hands on the iconic pastry. Also, no additional purchases are necessary.

"We all want to get Covid-19 behind us as fast as possible, and we want to support everyone doing their part to make the country safe by getting vaccinated as soon as the vaccine is available to them," said Krispy Kreme chief marketing officer Dave Skena.

Moreover, for some people that have decided not to receive the vaccination or are we going to do so when the vaccine is available to them, there is still a way to enjoy the glazed doughnut at no cost. On Mondays from March 29 to May 24, customers can receive a free glazed doughnut and a medium coffee.

All of these promotions are a part of the 'Be Sweet' initiative which is meant to bring a little joy and kindness to many during this time.

Within this effort, Krispy Kreme is also planning to randomly deliver the doughnuts to essential healthcare workers and volunteers at vaccination centers. The company itself is offering its employees an incentive to get the vaccine as well – four hours of paid time off to go on vacation.

Last year, the company also gave away over 30 million doughnuts to healthcare workers, graduating seniors and teachers at the beginning of the pandemic.

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This sounds amazing to me given the fact that they are bringing a little sweet treat to people that have and continue to be some of the most significant driving forces in ensuring as much safety as possible during this pandemic.

Although some think Krispy Kreme's Covid-19 incentive is a great idea to encourage people to be safe, others aren't so sure.

Overall, I understand why some people may have reservations about Krispy Kreme getting involved in Covid-19 prevention efforts, but at the same time, I feel that it is a way to help people be as safe as possible.

If it takes a doughnut for someone to get their vaccine and ultimately save their lives and the lives of people around them, then the incentive is on a positive track.

Sometimes we need a sweet reward!

What are your thoughts about Krispy Kreme's new Covid-19 efforts?

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