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Is honesty really the best policy when applying to join the police?

A deep dive into mental health stigma in the police recruitment process

grayscale photo of 2 men in white dress shirt and black pants standing on road
Feminist, Poet, Writer and holder of the jammy dodgers

Have you seen the considered, warm and enticing advertisements from Metropolitan Police recruitment over the last two years? So had I. When Boris Johnson won the majority vote with his party and was elected as prime minster in July 2019, he vowed to meet and produce a quota of 20,000 new police officers. I was excited. For someone like me, looking to change fields from childcare, looking for a vocation, this seemed like an opportune move for those looking to make a difference. I wanted to be a part of ensuring increased fairness in the criminal justice system, to ensure the public feel seen and listened to, and to shatter the disillusionment surrounding police officers around areas such as equality.

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