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Single on Valentine's Day? Here are the best ways to revel in your solitude

If you're among the numerous individuals who happen to be single as a pringle, Valentine's Day can pose as a fun opportunity to pamper yourself.

Single on Valentine's Day? Here are the best ways to revel in your solitude
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There's a common misconception floating around that in order to celebrate Valentine's Day, you need to be in a relationship. That, my friends, is completely false. While society and capitalism might have you believe otherwise, participating in Valentine's Day festivities doesn't necessarily have to be accomplished by a duo.

If you're among the numerous individuals who happen to be single as a pringle, Valentine's Day can pose as a fun opportunity to pamper yourself. Not as if you need a specific day on a calendar to that, though. Besides, Valentine's Day is meant to be a celebration of love. Why not show the most important person in your life (aka you!) some TLC?

Treat yourself to a fancy dinner

Among the many experiences I find empowering is dining alone. I loved it so much, I occasionally preferred it even when I was in a relationship. There's something thrilling about breaking from societal norms and being unconventional every once in a while. Although we're still in the midst of a global pandemic, a lot of restaurants still offer delivery options from their menu. So why not splurge on yourself and order a fancy meal for one?

To make the experience more romantic, light a bunch of candles and pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine. Instead of turning on the TV, listen to an inspiring podcast on self-love. I personally love The Receipts Podcast and Happy Place.

Gift yourself flowers

Why wait for someone to buy you flowers? There's nothing I love more than gifting myself a fresh bouquet of peonies and roses. Whatever your favorite flowers may be, there's something uplifting about a room filled with beautifully arranged stems. If you're like me, and purchase flowers on a regular basis, how about writing yourself a card filled with affirmations to match?

Make time for your own sexual exploration

While you don't need an excuse to spend the night with your battery operated companion, you can make the occasion a little more special by lighting candles, dimming the lights, and listening to some sensual music. The xx, Rhye, Snoh Aalegra, Sabrina Claudio, and The Weeknd are all great artists to reference.

You might not have a partner to spend the evening with, but you can use your solitude as a period of self-discovery. Look at it as a positive avenue to explore and learn about your body. Maybe even treat yourself to a new toy in the process.

Write yourself a love letter

There's no better time to fall in love with yourself than on Valentine's Day. Why not take this time to celebrate your growth and accomplishments in a letter? You don't have to be a world-renowned writer to express yourself. Even if it's two sentences long, think about what you love most about yourself, and bring it to life on paper.

Reconnect with friends

My friendships are sacred to me, and Valentine's Day has always been my favorite time to celebrate those friendships. Even when I was in a relationship, I always carved time out of my day to tell my friends how much I appreciate them. This year, why not host a virtual dinner or wine night with some of your closest friends?

That's exactly what I'm planning on doing.

The pandemic has left so many grasping for human interaction, reconnecting with friends could be the perfect solution to your solitude. After all, a wise woman by the name of Leslie Knope once said: "ovaries before brovaries," and that sentiment couldn't ring truer.

people laughing and talking outside during daytime

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease, many are facing the anxiety of re-entering into society. Over the last year, we've been obligated to remain asocial, and as a result, many of us (myself included) are finding human interaction painfully awkward.

For as long as I can remember, making friends was never a difficult feat to accomplish. To my friends and family, I've always been the most outgoing and bubbly person in the room. While that remains to be true, lately I've found social interactions to be challenging and somewhat strained. Thankfully, now that I'm fully vaccinated, I've been venturing into the real world more frequently.

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