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Cinnamon Toast Crunch with a dash of shrimp? Everything you need to know about the cereal drama

My perception of the cereal has changed forever. Well, for the most part.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch with a dash of shrimp? Everything you need to know about the cereal drama

Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal

Photo courtesy of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Although I'm not the biggest fan of sweet cereals, Cinnamon Toast Crunch always has a special place in my heart. Not only is the cereal the right amount of perfectly coated squares of sugar and cinnamon, but the puzzles and games on the back of the box were also fun.

But now, my perception of the cereal has changed forever. Well, for the most part.

I was today year's old when I heard about the recent news about the Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Jensen Karp, a podcaster, writer, and husband to Danielle Fishel (she played Topanga in Boy Meets World), recently found what appeared to be shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

Shrimp tails!?

Karp took to his Twitter account on Monday afternoon to say the following: "Ummmm @CTCSquares - why are there shrimp tails in my cereal? (This is not a bit)."

The team at Cinnamon Toast Crunch responded to Karp, saying, "After further investigation with our team that closely examined the image, it appears to be an accumulation of the cinnamon sugar that sometimes can occur when ingredients aren't thoroughly blended. We assure you that there's no possibility of cross contamination with shrimp."

Karp was seemingly not here for the response, and I understand.

Because of his response, Cinnamon Toast Crunch asked Karp to send the shrimp tails in the mail for them to take a closer look, which sounds odd, but oh well. He ultimately decided not to because he felt it would tamper with the evidence.

It doesn't end here.

Karp took another look at the cereal contents and noticed little small "black things" cooked into the cereal. Some people on the internet thought it was "rat droppings."


On the other hand, Karp's other bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch from his family pack appears to seemingly have dental floss in it and taped together. Oh my.

On Tuesday, Karp revealed that he was taking his box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to a lab for further investigation by an independent team of researchers. The cereal box was securely buckled up for the ride.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch eventually released a statement. "While we are still investigating this matter, we can say with confidence that this did not occur at our facility. We are waiting for the consumer to send us the package to investigate further. Any consumers who noticed their cereal box or bag had been tampered with, such as clear tape that was found in this case, should contact us at 1-900-328-1144."

Karp has since been in contact with General Mills, who believes he should take his Cinnamon Toast Crunch to local law enforcement. Wow, this is something else!

And there we have it. As we all anxiously await the lab results, I also can't help but wonder if this debacle will become a new show's plotline. Only time will tell!

What are your thoughts?

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