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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 13: Lana Del Rey attends The Drop: Lana Del Rey at the GRAMMY Museum on October 13, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Photo by Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

It's November 2008 in a Manhattan Mobile Home Park, a doe-eyed, bleach blonde girl is giving a proud tour of her humble trailer park home to Index Magazine, "it's like, you can have your own place, and you have a chance at your own life.

That's what it makes me feel." Her name is Elizabeth (Lizzy) Grant, but we now know her by the name of Lana Del Rey; the soulful 23-year-old playfully strolls along in her black vintage jacket and a baby blue ribbon tied around her hair.

She smirks and giggles nervously as she describes the flowers in her garden, "I grew blue hydrangea! And ivy." The flowers would later become signature iconography to the Lana Del Rey brand, a consistency she seems to uphold to this day.

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person holding clear glass bottle

Heating turned up, TV on, doors locked; we stay inside as life goes on. It's become routine.

"We're all in this together," we cheer, but all we can do is clap for the NHS as we watch them become increasingly overwhelmed like never before.

As we make our dinner, we listen to the news update us on the increasing cases and death statistics—a morbid communal event we attend daily. However, under all the community spirit and constant Covid-19 news lies a secret most are too ashamed to mention: the significant rise of hard drug use.

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black and white short fur cat

You may question who and why people are still buying fur; it seems that the industry is old-fashioned and unsought after in this day and age. Faux fur is everywhere, and the love for animals never dies, especially now. The first lockdown caused a significant rise of pet adoptions, according to Pets at Home, which saw a sharp sales rise.

However strong the stigma against fur seems, the industry has still been able to thrive in previous years. The Fur Information Council of America recorded the world's total fur retail sales in 2019 amounted to around €22 billion. Sales may have been in a slow decline over the years, but the industry is far from dead.

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Victoria during one of her many 13 hour shifts

Victoria Tomkins

Exhausted after another strenuous working day, Victoria Tomkins is a 20-year-old apprentice nurse assisting on the front line at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital during the pandemic. Working harder than ever before whilst we're stuck at home, she makes it to her bed after a 13 hour shift and all she can wish for is a Netflix binge.

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Promotional poster for Rupaul's Drag Race UK series

Photo credit: BBC 3

I love RuPaul's Drag Race. In fact, it is my favourite TV show, especially the new UK version. Putting that aside, a bigger issue has come to my attention during these countless lockdowns. The art of drag is suffering now more than ever before, and Drag Race is slightly diminishing that.

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