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Zoya Shabarova is Europe Bureau Chief at AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), playing a leading role in AHF programs development in nine European countries to increase access to HIV prevention, treatment and care, advocating for policy change on people - centered care and access to care regardless of ability to pay

As concerns grow that the Indian variant of Covid-19 may plunge us into yet another lockdown, it is time to demand world leaders take seriously the need to vaccinate the whole world asap. Hopefully the vaccinations we have will work against this new variant, but what about the next one, and the potentially thousands of variants after that?

We are facing a catastrophic moral and public health failure akin to the initial and woefully inadequate global response to the AIDS pandemic in the 1980s and 90s by allowing COVID-19 to rip through the world's poorest populations. We simply cannot make the same mistakes that were made in fighting HIV – there must not be a delay in getting lifesaving vaccines to all corners of the globe.

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