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Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash
Jo Hand is an inspirational social entrepreneur and sustainability and carbon footprint specialist on a mission to help people live more sustainably. She is a firm believer that if we have the right tools, we can all play a crucial role in preserving the environment on which we all depend. In 2017 Jo set up Giki, a social enterprise that provides the digital products to help everyone understand and reduce the environmental impacts of their own lifestyles.

So the show is over in Cornwall and I know I'm not alone in being very disappointed that climate change hardly got a look in at the G7. This is despite it being the biggest problem we face among many other big global problems of our time. If world leaders are not able to deliver what is required when it comes to the climate, it's going to be up to us.

Time is running out for politicians to do what is required, so we collectively have to get involved and play our part for the future of our planet and humanity. The good news is there is more we can do as G7 businesses than many of us realise.

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