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Actress Sarah Jessica Parker Stars As Carrie In The Hbo Comedy Series "Sex And The City" The Third Season.

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Tiffany J Marie writes a blog focused on encouraging childfree/childless women to embrace their identity and recognize their worth and roles outside motherhood. Having briefly walked the road of infertility to eventually choosing a path without children, Tiffany can empathize with both the childfree and childless. When she isn’t writing she embraces a slow, minimalist life with her husband Phil and their two cats; Audrey and Luna.

Lack of representation in the mainstream media is nothing new. Women are put into a very small box to represent a certain aspirational image –– the thin, beautiful, 20-something woman who is awaiting her white knight to save her from her jejune life. As I settled in and accepted my life as a child-free woman, my eyes opened wider to the misrepresented image reflected of me and what I should be aspiring to is a far stretch from the person I'm actually becoming.

The childless woman specifically is represented one of two ways. The first way is the the evil, cold-hearted, selfish lush who needs someone (often a man) to come along and knock her down a few pegs. She has given up everything in her life to get to the high powered place she is and really just needs a man to show her what she's missing.

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