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Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash
Consultant, advisor and coach. Passionate about education, governance, equality, mental health, fundraising, volunteering, sustainability and, most of all, kindness. Founder of #Kindfest2020 and #teamkind 2019 Leading Lights in Kindness List. Co-founder and Joint CEO of Halpin Partnership

The news can seem overwhelmingly bad right now, but amongst it all, there is light–a resurgence of kindness.

Over and over again, we are proving that we can be kind and want to help each other. We are finding creative ways to connect and show that we don't want to let others suffer. If Members of Parliament (MP) vote against giving free school meals, we mobilize to feed children who would go hungry. If the Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) needs PPE, we get together and make it happen. If our neighbors need help, we jump into action and organize ourselves into teams to get things done.

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